Ridmalsar Sipahiyan

Ridmalsar Bikaner (Raj) India



Junejo (Urdu: جونیجو) is the name of a Samma tribe in Sindh, and in some parts of India mostly in Rajasthan. Junejo are also known as Jam in some circles. They are mostly involved in agriculture-related industries and the political arena.

Junejos were the descendants of Jam Juno, brother of Jam Tamachi also an avid lover of Noori (Sindhi folklore, see Noori Jam Tamachi) who became King of Sindh after Jam Tamachi. Jam Tamachi and Jam Juno fought and those who were in favour (sons and followers alike) of Jam Juno came to be known as Junejo. Junejo literally means Sons of Juno; Jo means 'of' in Sindhi and June refers to 'Jam Juno' meaning descendants of Jam Juno, they belonged originally to dadu, thatta and badin side. Jam Sunjar was king of Sindh and his direct family history connects to Junajo

Hazi Ashraf Ali Samma

  Born in Ridmalsar Hazi Ashraf Ali Samma  struggled and studied hard was selected in administrative services while First of all he was a teacher

Abdul Majid Junejo

  Born in Ridmalsar Abdul majid juneja was leader of Ridmalsar.he was elected Sarpanch of village Ridmalsar three time with great majority.he was famous for his nature

Dr.Parvej Sameja

    Born In Ridmalsar Bikaner India Dr Parvej Sameja studied hard and became a doctor.he completed his PG degree in medicine and serving in govt.service.he is now famous for his treatment and his nice nature.he has also travelled to Saudia Arbia for service of Haz pilgrims

Jam Jalal Khan Samma