Ridmalsar Sipahiyan

Ridmalsar Bikaner (Raj) India

Hazi Mumtaj Ali Panwar

Born on 11 sep.1939 in Ridmalsar Hazi Mumtaj Ali Panwar was versatile personality of Ridmalsar. He was Scout commissioner. He represented 11 Jamboree’s within India and abroad. He was awarded "War to medal of merit" and Noorjahah Samiriti Visist Pratibha  Award as well as President Award. He died on 6th march 1995 in Delhi.


  Sardar Heere Khan Panwar

Hazi Sher Mohd Panwar

Born in Ridmalsar at house of chhoge khan panwar Hazi Sher Mohammad Panwar passed his high school and went to London for further study then went to U.S.A.for M.B.A.in the Indiana university where he was known as Sher a Rajput.he started the money matters company at Chicago in America and
also established The East West University at Chicago in America
Janab mehfooj Ali Panwar  Asst.director Education Bikaner

Hazi Mohd Ismail Panwar

Born in Ridmalsar at house of chhoge khan panwar on 09.11.1935 late hazi mohammad Ismail panwar was educated upto M.A.B.Ed. & LLB.he became Headmaster of IGNP school Bikaner.he travelled twice Saudi Arbia and U.S.A.he died on 13.10.2007.he was the best by his nature.

Born in Ridmalsar at house of hazi mohammad Ismail panwar Dr Abrar Panwar studied hard and became a doctor.he is devoted to his service towards his patients.he has been awarded thrice by the District Collector and has been awarded Bikaner Ratn and Bikana gaurav.he has also been awarded for community award by F.T.A. In Chicago.


Iqbal Hussain Panwar

Born at Kammu Khan Panwar’s house in Ridmalsar Bikaner India Mr. Iqbal Hussain Panwar struggled since his childhood and became a police officer (A.S.I. Rajasthan Police) who was famous for his turn out and was known as a Prince at his Police stations. He always helped the poor people. He breathed his last on 21 June 1997 without physical pain. He is always remembered by his nears and dears with respect.

कमू खान पंवार के घर रिडमलसर बीकानेर में जन्मे जनाब इकबाल हुसैन पंवार ने बचपन से ही संघर्ष कर पुलिश महकमे में ऐ एस आई (थानेदार ) पद ग्रहण किया.पुलिस विभाग में आपको अपनी वर्दी की कड़क से पहचाना जाता था. अपने थाने में उन्हें प्रिन्स के नाम से जाना जाता था आप गरीबो के मददगार थे.उनका इंतकाल बिना किसी तकलीफ के  21.06.1997 को हुआ. उन्हें आज भी उनके चाहने वाले मोहब्बत से याद करते है अल्लाह उन्हें जन्नत बक्से  आमीन.


Kammaruddin Khan Panwar


Kammaruddin Panwar
   Kammaruddin Khan Panwar


       The Poet of Ridmalsar


Born in 1900 in Ridmalsar Village Mr. Kamaruddin Khan Panwar was a bright man who knew how to write Hindi and English as well as Urdu language without going school. Therefore he was appointed as a custom inspector and he reached at the post of a superintendent. He was in government service till 1955 and passed away on 20 February 1959.he was a poet also .he was much interested in writing poetry and social work. He lived a very simple life 

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