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Posted by Sadik Khan Panwar on June 11, 2011 at 6:15 AM

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Reply Abdul Majeed Manglia
8:43 PM on October 18, 2011 
Assalamu Alaikum Ya Sipoy brotheran of Ridmalsar.

I explain on this site meanings of Surah Ad-Dhuha # 93 in 30th Para of Quran.

Rasoolallah SAW was frequently receiving wahees and revelations of new Surahs from Allah Suhana Talla through Jibreel Aleh Assalam. Allah SWT stopped revelations for a while. Rasoolallah SAW was very sad. He started thinking what did he do wrong that Allah has become angry at me and has left me alone and not revealing any more Surahs of Quran to me. His sadness was so intense that Prophet SAW could not sleep nor talked to any one.
Kafir leaders started saying that Allah has dropped Mohammad from His Risalat . When Allah noticed that Kafirs are now adding more to the sadness of Prophet mohammad SAW with their words, Allah revealed the Surah Ad-Dhua #93 in 30th Para.

When ever Allah wanted to assure people that what he is saying in Quran is extremely important and people must believe the words of Allah, then Allah swore by any of His creations to make people believe in the words of revelation of Allah SWT. . Allah swore by the light of mid morning when it brightens the atomospphere on earth, and swore by night that provides comfort to all humans, animals, birds etc. and rejuvinates the energy of all people and the living creatures on earth and says
(O Prophet of Allah) I am neither angry at you nor have left you.
Your life in Akhirah will be much better than it is now,
And soon your Guardian Allah will give you so much that you will be well pleased.,
Allah asks Prophet SAW Did we not find yourself orphan and we provided you shelter and care of elders for you?
And we found you wandering and gave you the guidance.

[This is pointing to a day when Prophet was lost in the city in his child hood.
He wandered in streets of Mecca for hours but did not find his way to home
for many hours. Then Allah guided him the way and Mohammad SAW
found his way to home by Himself. He was lost for many hours of the day.
His grand father Abdul Mutlab was very distressed;, he sent saveral men for
search of Mohammad SAW. But no one could find him and with the
guidance of Allah, Mohammad SAW found his way to home by himself ]

Allah further says,
We found you poor and in need and made you self sufficient [by getting you
empoyed by rich merchant lady Khadijah and then she married with you too)

Now Allah gives Hidayahs to Prophet SAW by sayiing
Never treat orphans with harshness,
Nor repulse the Sawalee without giving any thing

And tell people repeatedly the blessings of Allah and proclaim favors and
attributes of Allah to believing Muslims and Non-Muslims.

This is a beautiful Surah. Prophet SAW used to recite this Surah Ad-Dhuha and Surah Al-Ala in the Namaz of Jummah and Namaz of Eidain when Prophet had greater number of his, so words of his favorite Surahs could reach to maximum believers of Allah SWT.

Next time I shall explain Surah Al-Aalah. Any one can ask me for explanation of
any Surah from 30th para because surahs of 30th parah are shorter and need less space for their explanations in this site.

May Allah keep us all on the straight path of Allah Subhana Taalah.
Reply Sadik Khan Panwar
7:47 AM on October 19, 2011 
Thanks for your meaningful comments